Thursday, May 7, 2009

Farm animals

Here are our Spanish and our Hamburg roo. We think we probably have two Spanish hens, but we are not sure since they develop so slow.

Here is Cornelius our Rhode Island Red. What a proud boy!!

Here our all of our girls and our Wellsummer rooster. He is quite the beautiful boy!! We trade "Benny" for two khaki cambell ducks. Unfortunately, he was picked on by another roo so his tail feathers are gone!! He is impressive still! What's a few missing feathers right?

Whoops!! How did they get in there?? I guess we could consider them part of the crew!! LOL!! These are our two--Noah-5 and Micah is 3.5.

Here's my handsome husband, I'm not sure why he looks so mad though! LOL!! He is holding our Wellsummer rooster that we just got.

Here are some pics of all our crew we currently have on board. We hope to add even more to our chicken yard.

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