Saturday, May 23, 2009

Honey bees are buzzing!

This is our second attempt at honey bees. The first batch we got last Fall, but unfortunately, they didn't make it because they didn't have enough honey stored up to make it through the Winter. We even supplemented with sugar water, but I guess it wasn't enough for their survival. We ended up getting 4 frames of brood, worker bees, some drone bees, and of course one queen that were all local bees. The whole purpose of getting bees is to be able to help my son with his allergies. I have read numerous studies about how good raw honey is for allergies since the bees pollinate whats around your area. My son has horrible allergies to just about everything in our area, so maybe next year when we start getting honey it will help him. Honey is also good for making candles, soap, and for baking. I use it often in the place of sugar in my recipes. I just love it!!!

So far our bees are doing great!! I checked on them today and we had put a new frame in the hive a few weeks ago, and they are starting a a bee hive on it already!! They are very busy and productive right now. I practically need a smoker just to give them sugar water; they swarm real bad when I try to mess with them. I attached a few pics of my proud bee hive. We plan on selling honey some time next Aug. so they will have all Winter to eat and prosper. We don't want to take any honey this Summer because we are afraid they won't have enough to survive on for the Winter. Check the blog periodically for updates on the bees. We will probably add a Super this Summer to help make even more honey. Check back for raw honey for sale.

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